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The NYC Skyline is as much alive as we are and when our country suffered a terrible loss we came together to restore this great city. While we built anew we took great care to honor those who's final resting place is the World Trade Center.

The arduous journey from the 10 year anniversary through the devastation of Super Storm Sandy in 2012 to the opening of the observation lounge at the top of 1 World Trade in 2015 our celebration of this great country was never thwarted.

Please enjoy my photo essay showing the strength of our country and New York City's iconic Skyline 'closing the hole' via the famous Macy's 4th of July fireworks display from 2011 - 2015.
2011 WTC 4th of July2011 NYC Skyine 4th of July.2012 WTC 4th of July2012 NYC Skyline 4th of July2012 NYC Skyline after Super Storm Sandy2013 WTC 4th of July2013 NYC Skyline 4th of July2014 WTC 4th of July2014 NYC Skyline 4th of July.2015 NYC Skyline 4th Of July.2015 WTC 4th of July