Photography is a medium that allows me to be both a bit of a photojournalist and a photo artist. In a class I took I was asked if I see myself as a photographer or an artist or both. I mused over this provocative question for a while and decided my response was a very resounding it depends!

Capturing a moment, an episode of life where we all tilt our heads like puppies as if to say what is that, or a little detail that everyone around it seem to be completely missing bring out the photographer. The image is to be as pure as I saw it and represented with as little finishing as possible.

Poetry of life, the moments where a painting is almost coming to life right in front of you, the lines or colors seem almost animated, or a short story that is there in the lens waiting to be pulled out are moments where I enjoy being an artist.

My professional world can be found on LinkedIn where you can read about my extensive career in technology ranging from Artificial intelligence to Cyber Security.   

- Jennifer DeVries